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Beautiful Pyrex Portables Round   Straight Cup Juice Milk Pyrex Men And Women Home Portable Transparent Glass

Beautiful Pyrex Portables Round Straight Cup Juice Milk Pyrex Men And Women Home Portable Transparent Glass

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a brand name for any of a class of heat- and chemical-resistant glassware products of varying composition used for cooking


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Contemporary Examples

Season the venison with salt and pepper and put it into a nonreactive bowl such as a Pyrex dish

Fresh Picks Daniel Boulud November ,

To cleanse our palettes, we sniffed chopped watermelon, cucumber and canned corn held in Pyrex containers throughout the lab

Confessions of a Shrimp Sniffer Bill Mahan July ,

Break out the Pyrex—the casserole, America's classic hard-times dish, is hot again

The Ultimate Recession Food Emily Farris December ,

Historical Examples

Over the whole pour some melted butter, cover the casserole, (or Pyrex plate) and put it in the oven with a low fire

The Italian Cook Book Maria Gentile

It has been found that it imparts a violet red tint to the Pyrex tubing after the latter has been used for a few combustions

Synthesis of -methyl--selenoquinazolone, -phenylbenzoselenazole, and its derivatives Y-Gwan Chen

Butter a square Pyrex pan and put in the graham-cracker dust to make,a crust

The Complete Book of Cheese Robert Carlton Brown

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As noun

trademark any of a variety of borosilicate glasses that have low coefficients of expansion, making them suitable for heat-resistant glassware used in cookery and chemical apparatus (as modifier): a Pyrex dish

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Superb Pyrex Portables Round   Pyrex Glass Sports Portable Water Bottle Handy Cup Lid Cup Male And Female  Students

Superb Pyrex Portables Round Pyrex Glass Sports Portable Water Bottle Handy Cup Lid Cup Male And Female Students

 Pyrex Portables Round   Storage Function Pyrex Cup Water Readily Portable Rope Silica Carry Large  Capacity 480

Pyrex Portables Round Storage Function Pyrex Cup Water Readily Portable Rope Silica Carry Large Capacity 480

If you need a different glance, you will be able to intermix a few brands of Pyrex Portables Round picture collection. You furthermore may can learn many inspirations because of outstanding Pyrex Portables Round picture collection unhampered. Most people only need to pick the concept of Pyrex Portables Round graphic stock that will fit your home. It is very important simply because picking a the right idea can lead to a snug together with a marvelous place to live like we could discover with Pyrex Portables Round graphic gallery. Wedding reception give several DO-IT-YOURSELF essentials to complement the idea of Pyrex Portables Round photograph gallery that you just go for. You can actually enjoy the splendor of your dwelling at any time whether it is constructed certainly for the reason that Pyrex Portables Round image gallery illustrates. I highly recommend you benefit from Pyrex Portables Round graphic stock.

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Beautiful Pyrex Portables Round   Straight Cup Juice Milk Pyrex Men And Women Home Portable Transparent GlassSuperb Pyrex Portables Round   Pyrex Glass Sports Portable Water Bottle Handy Cup Lid Cup Male And Female  Students Pyrex Portables Round   Storage Function Pyrex Cup Water Readily Portable Rope Silica Carry Large  Capacity 480

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