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The success of the business website lies behind the increased traffic of their website. If you own website which do not have interesting contents then this would result in no gain. Therefore it is important to maintain the freshness of the content. This is done by updating the contents periodically. The search engine works on algorithms that are updated regularly so that it could select those web pages which consist of fresh contents. Thus those webpage which do not keeps on changing its contents then they are put into SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Today, the webmasters have tried to increase the popularity by putting blogs in webpage that do not give any response.

When comments are posted in high PR blog then this would provide with a backlink. The backlink would help in gaining more traffic to the website which considerably increase the rankings of the webpage or the website in the famous search engine like Google and Yahoo. Through the high PR blog posting there is a chance when the other bloggers could also find it interest in your blogs and post comment on it. If there would be an increase in the comments on your blog then this would directly have a strong impact in your blogs ranking. The search engine would increase the blogs ranking which would further lead you to get more followers.

It is a known fact that the blogs or website which has top rankings in the search engine is mostly viewed by the readers. Therefore the blog posts which have been mostly commented by the other bloggers have got higher rankings. The high PR blog posting would work every time. When the blogs are posted then the SERP provide with a link which results in exposure of the blogs. The benefits which you get from the links is that the more view it would click it and follow to your blogs.


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