Types of Link Exchange and their working methodology

With the scope of websites and internet usage constantly increasing all over the world, it becomes the high time for the site owners to improve the ranking and web traffic both at the same time.  This seems to be quite easy for the new comers in this field with numerous tools available for the same like RSS feed submissions, SEO and various other merchandising equipments underlying the fact. But, Link Exchange is a different thing in this field and it plays a very important role in popularizing the website. The term may be defined as just pasting or exchanging your wed address on other websites which are already established. This has greater benefits in term of generating revenues, improving the ranking and boosting the level of web traffic to your website in a very less time. In fact, there are two methods for exchanging your links which comprise of mainly manual and automotive means.

The first method is very typical and complicated which is only possible if you know the basics of exchanging the links. You will have to post your link address on the concerned website. But, in automotive method one can exchange his or her link with more than hundreds of websites at the same time. Both methods are employed for the same results that is, for increasing the popularity and the search engine ranking. Determining the types of Link Exchange which you will prefer in your own case totally depends on the database of your website and the nature of popularity which the owner wishes to achieve. In fact, one way exchange of link is generally done with three websites and thus, is called triangular method of exchanging links. All the websites should belong to the same theme.

2 ways Link Exchange or reciprocal method is done with two sites, where one of the websites is generally referred to as the directory website. This is usually done in phases where you will have to analyze the themes, collect and research data, request for the exchange, at last it ends at the monitoring and maintenance phase. On the other hand, three way method of link exchange is somewhat complicated method to understand but an easy one to succeed. This method is applicable when you own two websites, one with full back up of links but, the other with no link directory. So you will paste the other link onto first one and in return, you will get your second link posted on the directory website.


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